Ford's Blind Spot Information System Aims to Reduce Traffic Collisions

If you have ever been changing lanes while driving and heard that tell-tale horn honking from the car that you missed in your blind spot, then you understand how nerve wracking that can be.

To help alleviate this, Ford has introduced their Blind Spot Information System, or BLIS. BLIS can detect cars in your blind spots using strategically placed radar sensors. If an obstacle is detected, the corresponding mirror will have an icon illuminate to warn the driver.

With BLIS comes their Cross-Traffic Alert System, when backing up, BLIS switches off and Cross-Traffic Alert comes on. This uses sensors to detect obstacles behind the vehicle up to 15 yards away. Using the corresponding side view mirrors, Cross-Traffic Alert will signal the driver the same way BLIS does.

So, if this seems like a beneficial feature that you would like to see on your next car, truck, or SUV, then come take a BLIS enabled Ford for a test drive here at Herbert’s Town & Country Ford Lincoln in Minden today.

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