Discover Excellent Hybrid Tech in the Ford C-MAX

Ford has outdone itself again with the new Ford C-MAX. This compact hybrid has performance features that place it far ahead of its competition. Let’s see how Ford achieves this extraordinary engineering feat.

First, Ford uses a power architecture that is different from other hybrids on the market. The power-split technology allows the gasoline powered engine and the lithium-ion battery to work either separately, or together. When combined with performance features such as regenerative brakes and an EcoSelect mode, the C-MAX represents one of the most efficient hybrids on the market. It does all this without sacrificing power or handling. It has a top cruising speed of 85 mph when operating in the most efficient all-electric mode.

You can also immerse yourself in convenience, safety and entertainment technologies when you bring home the new Ford C-MAX. The model offers Android Auto capability with its optional SYNC 3 system, enabling you to link up your compatible smartphone device for access to your favorite playlists.

Come in to Hebert's Town & Country Ford Lincoln and let one of our friendly staff set you up with a test drive, so that you can see this power and performance for yourself.

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