Ford Taurus Offers Several Helpful Technology Features

The new Ford Taurus is this year's popular full-size sedan. The crew working at Hebert's Town & Country Ford Lincoln wanted to help inform buyers before they make their purchase as to some of the useful technology features in this vehicle that are helping to keep drivers safer on the roads.

When your Ford Taurus begins to drift from the safety of the lane, the Lane-Keeping System simulates what it is like driving over rumble strips on the road. The steering wheel vibrates in stronger frequencies until the driver is able to correct and get the vehicle back in between those lane lines in time.

The Ford Taurus makes use of the Cross-Traffic Alert system to basically be your eyes in the back of your ride. Once your shifted in reverse, radar technology is used to scan in both directions to identify another vehicle moving into your path and alerting you to take the appropriate action.



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