Experience the Technology of the Ford Escape

When you visit us at Hebert's Town & Country, you’re able to see that there is a significant amount of technology in the new Ford Escape. There are features to enhance your driving experience, protect you on the roads, and offer a lot of conveniences.

Ford+Alexa is an app that you can download, giving you the best of Amazon Alexa while you’re on the road. This includes connecting you to your Smart Home devices, traffic information, voice navigation, and more. You’ll also have FordPass Connect with Wi-Fi hotspot so you can remotely access vehicle features. You can find your car easily and even schedule a time for your vehicle to start remotely.

A Ford Safe and Smart package can make it easier for you to stay safe on the road, too. This includes everything from driver-activated front rain-sensing windshield wipers to a blind spot information system. You will also benefit from help with parallel parking and adaptive cruise control.



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