Keeping your family safe while on the road is likely an important factor when you're choosing a car to purchase. The Ford Taurus offers numerous safety features as well as the latest technology in one vehicle. Sync 3 is a voice-activated feature in the car that allows you to keep your hands on the wheel when you're driving.

Always monitor the objects on both sides of your car using the Blind Spot Information System. Cruise control on the car is adaptive to your driving habits and the conditions of the road. There is also a collision warning feature that gives an alert in the event that you are to come in close contact with another vehicle or an object.

Active park assist makes it easier to park your vehicle even in the tightest of spaces. Brake control slows the car down when needed so that you and your passengers are safe. Amazon Alexa is also available in the car. Hebert's Town & Country can assist in setting up this feature so that you have some of the same technology in your car as you do at home.



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