The Ford EcoSport comfortably seats five people with room for a lot of cargo to spare. Even with that, it is still a compact SUV. This has made it quite popular and the EcoSport is certainly one that you should consider if you are in the market. Take a gander at the capability features to ramp up the excitement level for any commute.

To save fuel, the Ford EcoSport has an automatic stop-start feature that drivers have really grown to appreciate. When the engine is not being used, the system will shut it off. You will find that it starts back up instantly when you need it again, with no hesitation involved at all.

Do not worry anymore about rolling back down a hill. With the hill start assist feature on the Ford EcoSport, you can get going again without going backward even the slightest little bit. Test drive this feature when you stop by Hebert's Town & Country today.



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