When it comes to popular SUVs, the automotive industry has its fair share of contenders. The new Ford Explorer certainly fits the bill because it's one of the most practical SUVs that's on the market today. This three-row vehicle can seat up to seven individuals, and it possesses plenty of cargo space.

On the technology side of things, the Ford Explorer has spared no expense to get its point across. This SUV comes equipped with an array of wonderful features, such as Configurative Daytime-Running lights, Push-Button Start, and USB ports. Of course, your specific choice of trim level will dictate the innovative features that's you'll receive. The Explorer also has a 10.1-inch touchscreen display that's sleek and responsive. Apple users can take advantage of Apple CarPlay technology. For effortless pairing of other external devices, you and your passengers can utilize Android Auto technology.

We would like for all interested buyers to view the Explorer on a first-hand basis, so stop by our showroom today. You won't be disappointed.



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