The Ford Super Duty Can Tow Hefty Cargo Efficiently Around Construction Zones

The Ford Super Duty is an ideal mode of transportation for construction environments. In these locations, all equipment needs a certain level of toughness since there are many hazards in the surroundings.

A Super Duty can handle the rough conditions in a commercial construction environment. If something smashes into this truck, it won't dent because its base is made out of a very dense military-grade aluminum alloy that's very strong. However, the density doesn't make the aluminum heavy. Underneath the aluminum exterior, there is a stronger frame; it's constructed out of a high-strength steel. This material is very stiff, which is important because its strength reduces flexing. A solid frame that doesn't twist or flex is the foundation of a great pickup truck because it maximizes stability.

Super Duty trucks are tough and powerful, and they're featured at Hebert's Town & Country. We provide test drives in Ford trucks by our dealership.



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