The Ford Mustang Offers Exhaust Audio Engineering at its Best

The Ford Mustang has always been synonymous with performance in the eyes of many performance car enthusiasts, and with its newest model, the tradition continues.

Though we may not think about it, human beings are hard-wired with autonomic response. The autonomic response is the adrenaline rush human beings get when being exposed to loud noises or danger. Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering is a breakthrough in audio engineering that allows you to adjust the exhaust in different ways. Normal, sport and track settings give you variations of exhaust sound that offer the adrenaline rush you desire in a performance car, triggering that autonomic response. But, with the simple switch of a button, you can have a quiet ride for those times when you or others require a less autonomic experience.

The only way to experience Ford Mustang's Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering is to try it yourself. At Hebert's Town & Country Ford Lincoln we are looking forward to having you test drive one today!


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