The new Ford F-150 is as tough as it is a popular full-size pickup. Much of its popularity is owed to its tough features, which rival anything that you can find its competition.

What other full-size pickup comes with an off-road feature like the terrain management system, which comes standard in most F-150 trims? This feature offers numerous drive mode options that you can switch among. Some of these options including tow/haul, snow/sand, slippery and sport. These driving modes adjust power to the tires and engine as needed to accommodate the road conditions. The new F-150 also has a pickup box that is designed for heavy-duty work in mind. It has a bed liner that protects the body of the truck from gouges and scratches.

The pickup bed also has LED lights equipped in it to help you work cargo in the dark. It even has steps for easy climbing in and out.


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