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The New Ford Fiesta Smart Features

The new Ford Fiesta is a popular subcompact car that comes standard with a number of smart features that drivers are certainly responding to.

Although you might be apprehensive to drive a manual transmission vehicle on a hill, this issue is not a concern for those ho own the all-new Ford Fiesta. The standard Hill Start Assist feature in this car will grab hold of the brakes for two seconds in between shifting so the vehicle can not roll backwards on an incline. 

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The Ford Fusion Delivers on All Fronts

The Ford Fusion is a popular midsize sedan that consistently delivers a safe and dependable performance on the road. With plenty of room in the cargo and cabin areas, comfortable seating, upscale interior quality and lots of available smart features, the Ford Fusion receives consistently high ratings every year.

The available Lane-Keeping System offers assistance with keeping your vehicle in the traffic lane. If you happen to drift out of the lane, the system will alert you with vibrations in the steering wheel. 

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A Look at the Main Ford Mustang Handling Features

The Ford Mustang remains one of the most popular U.S. cars on the road today. The Ford Mustang comes complete with a solid array of handling features. These handling features on the Mustang include Selectable Electric Power-Assisted Steering. Selectable Electric Power-Assisted Steering permits you to have virtually effortless steering for normal conditions, for everyday driving. You can engage another option that gives you a more "sportscar" feel to your driving, as well as a closer connection to the road. 

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Take A Ride In The New Ford C-MAX

The new Ford C-MAX is poised to make a positive impression on the automobile industry. The C-MAX Hybrid is equipped to seat five passengers comfortably. The 4-door sedan comes with cloth seats in the SE version. The C-MAX Hybrid Titanium has leather trimmed options.

The new C-MAX is equipped with a satisfactory amount of cargo space. The rear row of seats are designed to fold down and provide an ample amount of space for the transport of desired goods. There are also specified storage areas in the vehicle for laptops and tablets. The Ford C-MAX ranges in options of heated…

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